We finally meet!

We open Tenuta Genevrina's doors

A dream, ours

The warming sunshine, no noises around, just the pleasing sound of the evening breeze around you.  The sight goes on, surrounded by hills as far as the eye can go; the hands skimming young blades of grass. Can you feel the peace?

A Christmas Toast!

ViNatale: An all-red Christmas!

Join us for an extraordinary day dedicated to red wines and the Christmas atmosphere. Get ready for a sensory journey through delicious harmonies between fine wines and gastronomic delicacies!

The Perfect Tasting: Red Wines and gourmet pairings!

  • Genevrina: Paired with raw salami, for and unforgettable match!
  • Curioso: Taste this wine accompanied with toma cheese, a union of flavours not-to-be missed.
  • Anticonformista: Let yourself fall in love with its unique tones, alongside the irresistible chocolate truffles.
  • Sweet Conclusion: Enjoy a relaxing herbal tea with some Grignolino-flavoured Krumiri to end your experience on a sweet note.

Christmas Olfactory Experiences: Aromatherapy and Oil Massage Candles

But the experience doesn’t end here!

Unforgettable moments: Christmas Corner and souvenir photo shoot that will be sent to you in digital format.

Capture the essence of the day in our photo souvenir corner and join our photo contest: Sunset Red! The photo that will get more likes will win a special discount on our Barbera, Genevrina.

Kids workshop: Decore the Christmas Tree!

The kids will have the opportunity to participate in a special workshop, decorating Christmas balls that they will hang on the Christmas tree.
The excitement of lightning the tree will be the highlight of an unforgettable day.

Date: December 8th, 2023
Timetable: 3.30PM
Location: Tenuta Genevrina, Strada Rosignano 9, 15039 Ozzano Monferrato (AL)

Info and reservation: +39 324 023 3308

A thousand shades of gorgonzola cheese.

Cheese & Wine

  • 4 glasses of Tenuta Genevrina’s wine
  • Tasting diffent types of gorgonzola cheese by Azienda Baruffaldi
  • Cooking workshop, you’ll receive delicous recipes and you’ll make a tiramisù with the excellent Baruffaldi’s mascarpone cheese
  • Conversations with the field experts
  • A projection room to pass you all the passion there is behind every product
  • Sensory workshop

This event is the perfect opportunity to explore various shades of cheese and wine, to listen to stories of passion, learn from the professionals and to connect with the gastronomy lovers.
A day filled with smiles and stories, glasses cheering at intense flavours.

Date: October 22nd, 2023
Timetable: 11:30AM – 6:00PM
Location: Tenuta Genevrina, Strada Rosignano 9, 15039 Ozzano Monferrato (AL)

Info and reservation: +39 324 023 3308

Tasting under the stars.

Moon in a glass.

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Join us for a magical night of tasting under the stars, surrounded by candles, to live a special moment.
Did you know? Tasting wines in the dark can enhance some perceptions that otherwise will get lost in the presence of light. What do you say, we can try it togheter!

Date: August 31st, 2023
Timetable: start at 8:00PM
Location: Tenuta Genevrina, Strada per Rosignano 9, 15039 Ozzano Monferrato (AL)

What to expect:

  • A walk through the lines: start the evening with a walk in the vineyard, the sun setting in the background and a glimpse of the star light. Discover the wine secrets that the evening hides and admire the beauty of the vineyard, seen under a different light.
  • Tasting: you will get the chance to try 3 glasses of our wines, so you will have a good overview on flavours, perfumes and shades of Tenuta Genevrina.
  • Gourmet samples: Along with the tasting, there will be different types of fine cheeses, refined meat and gastronymic delicacies, purerly thought to enhance the tasting experience.
  • Stargazing: After the tasting, look up in the sky and fall in love with the countless stars above you. There will be the chance to download an app that will let you see upclose the beauties of the sky.
  • Enchanted atmosphere: Candles, lights, the brightness of the moon and stars, peacefulness, we can tell, you’ve never seen such a clear sky.
  • Photografic angles: Capture the special moments of the evening in our themed photographic areas. Share the magic with your friends on social media.

Price: 25€

Info and reservation: +39 324 023 3308

See you in the moonlight, under the stars!

Rise your glasses, it’s time to celebrate!

Partying Glasses!

Are you ready to try our wines for the first time?
We told you about them, we explained them, let you taste them through the sense of smell, now it’s time to taste them properly!

We will give you:

  • A wine glass holder pocket
  • A branded glass
  • 7 tastings (our 6 wines + 1 glass of wine that you most enjoyed)
  • 1 cutting board with:
    – muletta
    – raw salami
    – ham
    – 3 types of cheese
    – bruschetta
  • Cellar guided tour
  • Olfactory tasting

Price: 25€

There will also be the possibility to buy, on an absolute preview, our bottles of wine and if you are still hungry or thirsty, we’ll have cutting boards, bruschette and bunet to satisfy all your needs!

For any information or for reserving a seat, you can text via WhatsApp or call the following number: +39 324 023 3308, we’ll be happy to answer!

Beer, sunset, Monferrato’s delicacies and good music, in one word: BeerBric!


We can already picture your smiles, the shots that capture a breathtaking sunset, the lights shining, a live band and all of us singing together.
Having fun, chatting, drinking good beer, eating the best products of the territory, taking a good break from the routine and relax. Are you with us?

There’s not going to be a set menu, but you’re gonna be free to choose whatever you like.

What are we drinking?
Beer – EDIT Brewing

  • MIA: A golden colored Lager Hell, with nice malty aromas delicate hints of acacia honey, bread crust and white flowers, thanks to the German hops.
    A brand new awarded beer by Slow Food Guide at Italian Beers 2023.
  • GLITCH SLAP: An amber Dunkel Bock with copper reflections, it’s a beer with an intense scent of malt and caramel, in it toasted notes and a delicate alcoholic part.
  • IPACONDA!: The quintessential American IPA. An intense beer where, in the aromatic profile, we can recognize notes of citrus, resin, and tropical fruits, alongside with hints of spices and melon.
  • Prices:
    • Small beer 0,33cl: 3€
    • Medium beer 0,50cl: 5€

What’s to eat?

  • Charcuterie and cheese board of the territory: 9€
  • Michetta (typical bread) with charcuterie and cheese: 4,50€

What are we going to listen?
Live show by Stillwater: classic rock ’60-’70

For any information or for reserving a seat, you can text via WhatsApp or call the following number: +39 324 023 3308, we’ll be happy to answer!

A journey around the world searching for its essence.

Are you ready to use your senses?

What if I told you to close your eyes and guess a scent?
Trust us, it’s not that simple. We’re used to recognize perfumes by connecting them with a picture in our heads, but what if we’re blindfolded? We’re still gonna be able to find them and bring them to something specific?

We will take you through a very peculiar scent trail, you could challenge each other, get in the game all your senses, try to hold on to your memory, the top notes, heart notes, and base notes.
We will explain the synthetic and pure scents of the wine, we will guide you towards the perfect sensory tasting. We’ll take you on a journey to Australia, California, with a little stop in South Africa, through these counties’ wines, so far yet so close to the Monferrato’s typical products, time and time again, we’re always here, the Monferrato is our World.

Price is 39,00€ and it comes with:

  • Sensory route: Essences of Wine
  • Scent Challenge
  • Lunch tasting:
    • Australian Sauvignon Blanc, paired with raw meat
    • Californian Chardonnay, paired with vitello tonnato (veal in tuna sauce)
    • South-African Cabernet, paired with agnolotti
  • Water and coffee
  • Winery visit

The price for children will be of 10,00€.

For information and reservation (mandatory) write or call the following number: +39 324 023 3308

Yoga, emotions and Champagne!


We thought a very emotional event.
We will start at 10AM practicing yoga, an experience through senses becoming one with the nature around us.

Afterward we will be tasting plots, histories and Champagne; we’ll be sure that this day will convey to you all the love for the oenology world.

At the end Luca will proceed to share with you all of Tenuta Genevrina’s secrets, you will touch the grape vines, the land, he will explain to you the wolrd there’s behind a simple bottle of wine.

Useful info
Price is 35,00€ and it comes with:

  • Yoga lesson with Antonella Scagliotti from Red Moon Yoga, certified CSEN-CONI, Yoga Alliance USA and FIDHY yoga teacher
  • Tasting of 3 different types of Champagne in collaboration with Gionata Venesio from Petit Perlage, an enthusiast and an expert of this fine French Wine
  • Tasting of local products
  • A walk in the vineyard discovering the locals grape varieties from Monferrato.

Whoever participates to the Yoga class will need to bring their own mat.

For the ones that don’t take the Yoga class, there is the possibility to visit Tenuta Genevrina.

For information and reservation (mandatory) write or call the following number: 3240233308.

We’re waiting for you!