Wines of Monferrato

Tenuta Genevrina offers an extraordinary panoramic on the Ozzano Monferrato wines, a gem in the Monferrato’s wine-growing context of Piedmont. The wine range of Tenuta is a journey through the territory’s authenticity, with varieties such as Cortese, Barbera, Bonarda, Barbera both vinified white and red and Grignolino, each one as a unique expression of the Monferrato’s features.

The Cortese, known for its freshness and elegance, it reflects the distinctive terroir of Ozzano Monferrato.
The Barbera, versatile and with a rich personality, vinified both in red and white, offering a diversified range of sensory experiences.
The Bonarda, intense and fruity, completes the range with its unique expression, diverging from the common thought on the pavese Bonarda, being totally still and with a more intense color.
Not to mention the Grignolino, the jewel in our crown, with its vibrant colour and excellent aromas.

Luca wanted to root his history in the Monferrato area, to give space to his great dream, cultivating his passion and making his way within one of the most vocative wine making territories. Italy has always been the owner of the world wine scene, has a well-established history in the oenology world, indeed, looking beyond the Monferrato, the italian wine-growing regions offer a wide range of amazing wines. From the renowned Tuscan labels to the complexity of Sicilian wines, each region contributes with unique identities and styles. Grape varieties such as Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Primitivo, similar to those of the Monferrato, stand out in other regions, offering further opportunities for wine exploration.

The oenological world is in strong expansion, not just because of the history of our lands, but also for the very well known welcoming found in the italian territory. In the last years, many are the outstanding names whom wanted to invest in this sector, characters coming from different worlds. We can find many faces from the show business like Jo Bastianich, Jerry Scotti and Bruno Vespa who started investments in the wine industry, highlighting the attractiveness and growth of the sector. These investments brought new fresh air in the italian wine scene, merging passion, celebrity and tradition and also bringing foreign people closer out of curiosity and attractiveness.
This shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle or a competition, on the contrary, it should be seen as a way to attract more tourists in our wine-growing landscape. The idea that celebrieties, coming from different scenarios, would like to invest in the wine sector, always arouses a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity, just think about the fact that one of the most popular Google searches in 2023 was: What wines produces Bruno Vespa?

Tenuta Genevrina wants to grow in this direction, making its way in one of the italian regions of wine-growing excellence, establishing itself as a winery in the Monferrato region, representing an example of oenological excellence, bringing togheter the rich tradition of the area with innovation, offering new prospects and opportunities for both in terms of hospitality and also workwise.