The Wines

find the Monferrato in your glass with Tenuta Genevrina wines

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Making a wine is like creating a new life: a perfect DNA that can express at its best the characteristics of the blend. Dive into our world, with Tenuta Genevrina wines.


Piemonte DOC Cortese

A tribute to the native Monferrato’s grapevine, a woman radiant, charming, yet simple, refined and confidential.
An encounter that hardly goes unnoticed.

Radiates its own light.


Monferrato DOC Chiaretto

Seize the best, seize a wish and make it come true. A subtle colour, yet with a strong personality, like the first harvest’s must.

Make a wish.


Barbera del Monferrato DOC

Laughter in the background, clinking glasses, and tablecloth getting staind by conviviality.

It’s nice to be happy!


Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese DOC

An emotion gives you awarness, astonishment and wonder.
We hid a secret, that we want to share: the Grignolino that will surprise you.

Be curious.


Red Wine

An immersive experience in the Monferrato’s lands. 
The wine that most embodies the light of the year 2022: the starting year of Tenuta Genevrina. 


Piemonte DOC Bonarda

Unlimited imagination: this is the unconventional Bonarda, everything is allowed.
We’re relaunching a unique formula for this grape variety!


Barbera del Monferrato DOC

A tribute to an historical Vogliotti family member, Luca’s great-grandfather: a strong and determined man, really dedicated to his work.
The superior Barbera is contemplative, it needs time to express its strength.

Coming in 2024!