Piemonte DOC Bonarda

Everything is allowed

Tenuta Genevrina

Unlimited imagination: this is the unconventional Bonarda, everything is allowed.
We’re relaunching a unique formula for this grape variety!

General information

Name: Anticonformista

Denomination: Piemonte DOC Bonarda

Vine Variety: Bonarda

Year: 2022

Alcohol content: 14,5%

Appearance: ruby red with purple reflections.

Smell: fruity, spicy.

Tasting: intense and penetrating, it reveals clear hints of plum, cherry, and small wild berries. Soft and round in the mouth, ending elegantly with an almond-like and fresh finale.


As soon as you pour it in the glass you can tell this is the Monferrato’s Bonarda: intense ruby red, ready to satisfy both the nose and the palate with its typical fruity scents that make you to travel beyond borders. The warm and round body offers a delightful sensation of softness and fragrance.
A still-fermented Bonarda, specifically crafted to highlight every varietal characterisc, giving it a rock soul by choosing the Stelving closure, or more commonly known as a “screw cap”.
A 18°C serving temperature will make the unconventional soul inside burst, and will create a harmonic and enjoyable pairing with fatty cured meets, but also with an unusual spoon desert, like the tipical “bunet”.
Every cluster of bonarda is hand-picked, thought, studied and imagined to amaze at first sight with a striking label and a clear glass bottle that foreshadows the strong character of this product.
This is the wine for those who cannot wait, of those who want to intoxicate themselves with novelty, non-conformism, and future, is the wine for those who believe, for who with just a simple gesture, open the cap and recognize the Monferrato.