Our History

Discover the thrilling history of Tenuta Genevrina through the eyes of the young and resourceful Luca Vogliotti. At just 20 years old, Luca has converted his passion for the Piedmont wines into a real vocation, carrying on with courage and dedication the winemaking tradition of the region.

Our History

Ancient Roots, Upcoming Stories

Tenuta Genevrina stands out fot the exceptional production of wines that reflect the essence and history of Ozzano Monferrato. Through a union between the oenological maestry to which Luca relied on, that of the distinguished oenologist Donato Lanati, and the rich tradition of the area, every bottle of Tenuta Genevrina becomes territory’s tale, narrated through unique colours, scents and nuances.

The wine tastings offered by Tenuta Genevrina represent an unmatched experience in the middle of Piedmont. Luca Vogliotti, with his bright smile and his predilection for future horizons, will guide you in a journey through Ozzano Monferrato’s fine wines, creating an unbreakable bond between the past and the present of the region.

Tenuta Genevrina is also part of the Gran Monferrato circuit, joining forces with other excellences of the region in order to promote and preserve the historical and oenological wealth of the area. Join us in the narrative of youthful success, authentic passion and dedication to tradition, and let yourself be captivated by the magic of Tenuta Genevrina’s fine wines, bearers of an unique history in the heart of the extraordinary region that is Piedmont.

You can also find an in-depth look at our wines in ilGolosario, where the famous journalist and writer Paolo Massobrio has reviewed our wines.



Dive in the history of Tenuta Genevrina, taste the fine wines of Ozzano Monferrato and live an unique experience in the Piedmont wine scene. Join us in the tale of tradition, passion and quality that characterises the production of Tenuta Genevrina in the middle of the evocative Monferrato.

2022 - May

The beginning

Luca Vogliotti took over Tenuta Genevrina

2022 – September

The first harvest

We hand-pick the grapes, under the careful supervision of the oenologist Donato Lanati

2022 – December

The Wines: from dream to reality

Every reference has now a name, labels and bottles were also chosen

2023 – June

It's time!

Tenuta Genevrina’s wines are ready to be bottled!

August 5th 2023

Let’s taste!

The very first, exciting event with our wines!

2023 – Autumn

New events!

Come and try our wines, a tailor made tasting, is waiting for you!

To further knowledge Tenuta Genevrina’s wines, but mostly Luca’s history, we invite you to read the articles wrote by Il Piccolo, a bi-weekly journal of Alessandria and province, that in two moments, historical for us, wanted to dedicate us a space inside their pages: