Territory, wine and passion of Monferrato: welcome to Tenuta Genevrina.

The Monferrato's wines narrated by a young man

Luca: mind, heart and arms of Tenuta Genevrina

Welcome to the heart of the Monferrato, where the wines of Tenuta Genevrina tell us about the sweet Ozzano Monferrato’s hills, turning our wines into the main characters of unique tastings. Discover the authentic winemaking tradition, in a place where the passion for wine blends with a warm welcoming.

Luca al lavoro nella produzione di vini a Ozzano Monferrato
Tenuta Genevrina in lontananza, vista da un filare tra le colline di Ozzano Monferrato

Tenuta Genevrina, located in Ozzano Monferrato, offers an exceptional variety of Monferrato wines, ready to delight your palate through every season. Guided by the mind, heart and arms of Luca, immerge yourself in a sensory journey through the tastings of the finest Monferrato wines, where every sip is a compelling tale of the territory.

Bottiglia di Curioso
Giving emotions

Tell me a story

You could taste: Barbera, Cortese, Bonarda, Grignolino and even a white vinified Barbera, without neglecting a blend that encloses all the flavours of Monferrato’s wines.

The tastings of our wines are a full experience, enriched by a passionate young man, Luca Vogliotti, who will guide you through red and white checked tablecloths. The clinking of glasses cheering blends harmoniously with the background laughter, creating a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

The wines of Tenuta Genevrina are authentical talking bottles, with their own unique story to tell. Like skilled tailors, we tailor made the dresses for our bottles, taking care of the name, the label design and every detail that could express at its best a territory rich of history and passion that is Ozzano Monferrato.


A glimpse of Tenuta Genevrina

Whether you wish to relish the magic of summer, the intimacy of winter, the vitality of spring or the colors of autumn, the tastings of the Monferrato wines are a not-to-be-missed opportunity. Dive into your most elegant dream and let yourself be carried away by emotions that only Luca’s wines can offer. Discover Piedmont through the taste and tradition of Tenuta Genevrina, and prepare to live a unique experience in the world of our fine wines.