Monferrato DOC Chiaretto

Make a wish

Tenuta Genevrina

Seize the best, seize a wish and make it come true. A subtle colour, yet with a strong personality, like the first harvest’s must.

General information

Name: Fiore

Denomination: Monferrato DOC Chiaretto

Vine Variety: Barbera

Year: 2022

Alcohol content: 15%

Appearance: soft pink.

Smell: floral, fruity, spicy.

Tasting: hints of fresh fruit, spiciness, with hints of carob. On the palate, is fresh, savory with a persistent finish. It has character thanks to an excellent accompanying and uplifting acidity.


Fiore makes you want another glass of it as soon as the first one is gone, creating a sort of addiction. A pink toned wine with a strong color and rich in anthocyanins. If tasted with your eyes closed, you can picture a young Barbera, you can feel the persistent perfume of the classical Monferrato’s vine; a clear note of fresh fruit, a light compote, and a subtle floral component that create a harmonic and balanced palate.
The high alcohol strength harmonizes well with the warmth, and its persistence brings us to pour more Fiore into the glass.
A Barbera harvested and hand-picked, followed by a gentle pressing where no contact with the skins is allowed: a color specially created for our Fiore.
A wine that at the right temperatue, around 10 and 12 °C, easily accompanies medium-bodied dishes or can bring happines to a first cheer between friends!
A bottle that encloses all the pink shades, like the ones witnessed at sunset and, like those, will leave you speechless for its beauty and sophistication.