Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese DOC

Be curious

Tenuta Genevrina

An emotion gives you awarness, astonishment and wonder.
We hid a secret, that we want to share: the Grignolino that will surprise you.

General information

Name: Curioso

Denomination: Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese DOC

Vine Variety: Grignolino

Year: 2022

Alcohol content: 15%

Appearance: pale ruby red

Smell: small fruits.

Tasting: an intense smell, raspberries and wild strawberries. A round taste, refined, equilibrated. Lightly tannic, the closing is really nice its delicacy brings back some olfactory notes. Good persistence.


Curious is the adjective that best describes this wine. The bottle, chosen clear on purpose, emphasises an extremely vivid color, a ruby, owning strong shining shades. The fragrance is persistent and harmonious, offering more notes of red fruits than herbaceous, almost leaning towards a jam-like essence. In the mouth, it’s an explosion of curiosity; the grape variety, rich in tannins, reveals itself to be rather smooth, yet euphonic and distinctly well-structured.
Thinned out, harvested, and hand-selected, it manages to surprise and capture curiosity throughout the tasting.
Harmony can also be found at a lower serving temperature than the customary one, risking 14°C, where all the nuances that will explode in the glass can be perceived, building a true journey where the five senses take the lead, creating an excellent foundation for a convivial dinner.
A wine to look at, to explore, to taste, allowing oneself to be pleasantly surprised.