Red Wine

An immersive experience in the Monferrato’s lands

Tenuta Genevrina

The wine that most embodies the light of the year 2022: the starting year of Tenuta Genevrina.

General information

Name: Venti22

Denomination: Vino Rosso

Vine Variety: Blend

Year: 2022

Alcohol content: 15%

Appearance: light ruby.

Smell: fruity, spicy.

Tasting: smell red fruits, notes that bring to mind Vermut. In taste is soft and embracing, it closes in a very elegant and round way. Balanced.

General information

The limited edition for the starting year of Tenuta Genevrina. Almost a wine for meditation, round, harmonious, and with a velvety palate. Red fruits, ripe red berry jam dominate, leading to a high persistence and a fine, elegant nose. A blend of local grape varieties to tell the Monferrato’s unusual and sophisticated story.
Thinned out, harvested, and hand-picked, it manages to maintain a harmonious line both in appearance, giving rich shades of intense ruby, and on the nose and palate, where the persistence becomes intriguing.
Served between 16 and 18°C, it undergoes a constant evolution in the glass, revealing typical scents of Monferrato vines, warm and embracing, which can accompany structured main courses, as well as moments of meditation and pleasure in front of a crackling fireplace and a fragrant krumiro biscuit.
Venti22 is the glass for goodnight, for important thoughts that become lighter and more persuasive. It’s a glimmer of a firefly on a late summer evening.