“Kit Survival” Gift Box

52,00  IVA inclusa
Taste, toast and survive the holidays!
Welcome to our Christmas Survival kit specially made for the wine lovers, the perfect remedy to face the holidays with style and joy. It doesn’t matter if you are a wine lover or simply looking for an enologic escape during the festive days, this kit is thought to turn every sip into an unforgettable experience, dedicated to the discovery of 3 Tenuta Genevrina labels.

Inside it you will find:

  • Genevrina: our Barbera, our mainstray, the joy bottle, that makes you already hear the backgroung laughter.
  • Curioso: our Grignolino, the eye on Monferrato, the wine that you don’t except and that will surprise you!
  • Venti22: pure relax, meditation, joy, party, in one word: elegance.
  • Krumiri al Grignolino: we make the classic Monferrato biscuit more curious adding our Grignolino to it!

To take your Gift Box home, show up at the Tenuta with a copy of the receipt that will be sent to your e-mail address: it contains the Order Number which is necessary for the pick-up!

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