“Relax Kit” Gift Box

52,00  IVA inclusa
… and even the rush for Christmas presents becomes relaxing!
Let’s face it, everyone deserves a break from the frenetic rush for gifts. Our Holiday Relax Kit it’s here to transform your Christmas into an oasis of calm, with an extra dose of festive spirit and happiness.

Inside it you will find:

  • Brilla: our Cortese that hides a secret! You have to spy through the keyhole…
  • Genevrina: calm, relax and a glass of our good Barbera!
  • Aromaterapia: filling the room with a relaxing scent, sitting on the couch ready to savor a great glass of wine, do we need to add anything else?
  • Candle with massage oil: light the candle, melt the wax and then let your imagination and massages run wild!
  • Herbal tea: a herbal infusion for detoxing, relaxing and enjoing the post-feast evening.

To take your Gift Box home, show up at the Tenuta with a copy of the receipt that will be sent to your e-mail address: it contains the Order Number which is necessary for the pick-up!

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