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To You and Your Family As Well

From Monferrato with love and a bit of irriverence!

It’s time to put a touch of Monferrato under the tree with our “To You and Your Family As Well” kit. We know that Christmas can be a mix of joy an chaos, so we prepared something special to make you taste the delights of our land.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Fiore: our Barbera white wine. Delicate, soft, but don’t be fooled by its smoothness, it will reveal a more decisive side!
  • Genevrina: our other Barbera intepretation, the absolute expression of our territory.
  • Carnaroli rice: Monferrato is the land of wine and rice, isn’t it?
  • Lightness Herbal Tea: to have a clear conscience!
  • Krumiri with Grignolino: because our Curioso Grignolino isn’t just for drinking…

Price: 53€

Relax Kit

… and even the Christmas gift races become relaxing!

Let’s face it, everyone deserves a break from the frenetic rush for gifts. Our Relax Kit for the holidays is here to turn your Christmas into an oasis of tranquility, with an extra dose of festive spirit and happiness.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Brilla: our Cortese that hides a secret! Peek through the keyhole…
  • Genevrina: calm, relax and a glass of our good Barbera!
  • Aromaterapia: filling the room with a relaxing scent, sitting on the couch ready to savor a great glass of wine; do we need to add anything else?
  • Candle and Massage Oil: light the candle, let the wax melt and your imagination run wild… don’t forget to begin the massages!
  • Herbal tea: a herbal infusion for detoxing, relaxing and enjoing the post-feast evening.

Price: 52€

Survival Kit

Taste, toast and survive the holidays!

Welcome to our Christmas Survival kit, specially made for the wine lovers, the perfect remedy to face the holidays with style and joy. It doesn’t matter if you are a wine lover or simply looking for an enologic escape during the festive days, this kit is thought to turn every sip into an unforgettable experience, dedicated to the discovery of 3 Tenuta Genevrina labels.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Genevrina: our Barbera, our mainstray, the joy bottle, that makes you already hear the background laughter.
  • Curioso: our Grignolino, the eye on the Monferrato, the wine that you wouldn’t expect and that will surprise you.
  • Venti22: pure relax, meditation, joy, party, in one word: elegance
  • Krumiri al Grignolino: we made much more curious this classic Monferrato’s cookie, by adding our Grignolino into it.

Price: 52€

Unconventional Kit

Challenge tradition!

Welcome to the rebellious world of the Unconventional Christmas! This kit is thought for those who escape conventions and want to celebrate the holidays with a unique spirit. Nothing ordinary here, just unconventional fun and celebration of individuality!

Here’s what you’ll find in your kit:

  • Anticonformista: our Monferrato’s Bonarda, the wine with a pop soul, that you can open without a bottle opener, the screw cap will surprise you!
  • Genevrina: our Barbera that will stain your friends’ tablecloth!
  • Toothpaste: giving a lemon and clay whitening toothpaste, have you ever thought of that?
  • Aromatherapy: get ready for the uncomfortable questions during Christmas lunch, the aromatherapy will relax you!
  • Chocolate and coffee lip balm: absolutely lip-smacking!
  • Krumiri with Grignolino: the one and only Monferrato’s cookies… with our Curioso grignolino!

Price: 55€

Christmas Gift Box

To give some happiness, to be original and to make a very good impression.

We are sure that our box will surprise and make everyone smile.
Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Curioso: our Christmas-red Grignolino, an explosion of scents and flavors that you didn’t expect.
  • Genevrina: the Barbera that cannot be missed, we already hear the laughter of the guests staining the tablecloth!
  • Riso Carnaroli: what life would be without a good risotto accompanied by excellent wines?

Price: 36€

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